We are not broken

A healing journey through self-discovery.

We are not broken

We live in a paradigm where we were told since we were very little that there is always something to fix or improve about ourselves, or that there is something we need to do or change about ourselves to finally become.  These deep-seated messages are so inherent to our own identity that it is hard to even understand that something different is possible. We grew up through other’s expectations and somehow the message looks like this: “To survive, you have to comply with what is expected from you”  

Try to think of it this way: 

Fixing something implies that something is broken or doesn’t work.
Improving something implies that what is, it’s not good enough.
Needing something implies that something is missing, it equals lack. 

If we focus on the need to fix or improve something, or on what is missing in our current reality, we are -unconsciously causing more pain. 

We need to heal our invisible wounds -abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, lack of justice.
Until we do, we will invest our life energy in protecting ourselves from not being hurt again instead of investing it in what we really, really want.

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