The Origin of Problems

A healing journey to self-discovery.

Problems are caused by being caught up in the illusion of separateness. By the loss of sense of self as being already whole and complete.

When we were very little, we made decisions of the world around us when we did not have words to express ourselves, where language was not yet defined.

This illusion of separateness is held in place by our unresolved inner conflicts provoked by decisions made at our feeling level.

Inner conflicts occur between two kinds of thoughts: 

Natural intentions – Are perceptions of possible future realities that we may experience. We don’t create them, we perceive them.

Conditioned responses – Are learned behaviors that are expressed as thinking and emotion. 

When it comes to problem solving, Why using Intellect and Will doesn’t (usually) work?


Inner conflicts are held in place by patterns of energy and information. Trying to remove them with our intellect or willing them out can be frustrating because as I stated before, some of those inner conflicts were installed in our mind-body system at our feeling level, there is no frame of reference through words that can lead to a solution of an overwhelming emotional experience. 

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