About Be2Be-Coaching, Inc.

A healing journey to self-discovery.

As human beings we learned at a very early age to unconsciously focus more on doing in order to have. We dedicate very little space to just BE ourselves. The reason is simple: We don’t know who we are; and until we don’t figure it out, we will get our sense of self and identity from the world around us.
Probably, you will find that some of the information that I will share with you may sound familiar or you have heard it before. Yes, there may be nothing new. What is new is that it will be presented in a way that makes sense, simply because it will be in alignment to your self discovery.
This work is based on the paradigm shift on my own journey, where more than 25 years ago, I opened the door to the science of quantum physics and the unified field, when I started questioning who I was, knowing that I was a lot more than a chemical reaction between an egg and a sperm, and a lot more than a definition through the eyes of others. A lot more than the roles I played as a daughter, sister, friend, gymnast, student, bachelor, teacher mother, master, wife; there was a lot more than the rules, the conditioning, the pay-offs, the reactions, and the self defense mechanisms to protect myself from the definitions of others of how the world must or should look like to me.
I became a seeker to the extent that I made books and knowledge my own addiction as a counter reaction to the inner guilt that I felt by breaking the rules in my family’s invisible regulations and legacy. Somehow as if I needed to pay the price for thinking different.
Today I honor not just my family legacy but the legacy of teachers and teachings from where I extracted the words that you will read, the ideas you will explore, and the techniques you will experience in your own journey through this work.

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