Healing Paths

"Until we figure out who we are, we will get our sense of self and identity from the world around us"

All individual sessions are 50-minutes long, priced at $180.00 unless described and priced differently. 

Individual packages

It is an intensive 1:1 training that will allow you to heal invisible wounds and emotional scars. This program is personally designed according to an application form. It is intended to accompany you on your path to your Emotional Self-Sufficiency.

21-Day Programs

Our 21 day programs are designed for those of you who would like a combination between self-study and community check-in. This particular program will allow you to learn more about your emotional blueprint. It is divided in 3 -7 day sections. We will meet once a week to deepen your knowledge and respond to your questions. 

This is a great way to start your path to your Emotional Self-Sufficiency. 

This program is by invitation only, you can request to be included here

Our Inner Fitness Circles are member gatherings, specially selected by personal interests. Over 8 weeks, participants 
strengthen their emotional self-awareness through the lens of Be2Be-Coaching Principles: decode, process,
and re-program. 

These Inner Fitness Circles are a good choice for clients that have completed individual sessions or participated in the
“Reconnect with your human 21-day program”. Our Inner Fitness Circles are a good choice to further support your
process of becoming Emotional Self-Sufficient. 
Participation in our Inner Fitness Circle is by invitation only.

Our Weekly 45-minute Community Inner Fitness Workouts are designed to go deeper in your progress of becoming Emotional Self-Sufficient. It is a midweek opportunity to check in with your Self, make adjustments and learn from others’ paths and stories. Some of us find it easier to succeed by sharing and listening to others share.

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