Program for Teens (13-17)

"Understanding your Personality and your Emotional Reactions"

The curriculum for this program is as follows: 

Format: Three 45-minute Workshops

This interactive program is thoughtfully designed by Adriana Reid, founder, and CEO of Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. It offers an insightful exploration of the formation of personality and its profound connection to our emotional responses. During this program, teens will actively engage in captivating activities and meaningful discussions to explore the factors that shape their personalities and instinctive responses to challenges. This newfound knowledge empowers them to enhance self-awareness, make informed choices, and cultivate healthier relationships.

Workshop One:
45-minute Zoom meeting with parents

Workshop Two:
A 45-minute meeting with teens + Q&A

“Discover Your Color-Based Personality” In this activity, teens will take a color-based personality test, revealing a unique combination of colors that influence their emotional reactions. By understanding this interplay, they can navigate life with increased knowledge, confidence, and resilience.

Workshop Three:
A 45-minute meeting with teens + Q&A

Exploring the Brain’s Reaction System: During this activity, teens will explore the brain’s reaction system, gaining valuable insights into how it influences emotions like fear, anger, and sadness. These insights equip them with adaptive responses to threatening situations and a deeper understanding of themselves.

The curriculum encourages self-discovery, promotes emotional intelligence, and offers teens valuable tools for personal growth and understanding their unique personalities.

What is included: 

  • Three workshops
    Workshop One ~ via Zoom with parents prior to teens’ sessions.
    Workshop Two and Three ~ for teens only.
  • Personality test for teens ~ results to be applied during Workshop One*
  • Digital Workbook for Teens

*We can provide individual results of the personality test on a 1:1 session with parents (Session not included in the pricing of the program) 


Sessions take place via Zoom 
There is a possibility for in-person classes (San Diego area).
Become a host and provide a space
Minimum paid participants for in-person classes – 8, maximum 20
If you become a host your fees are waived.

Do you have more questions?

Send us an email with any questions you may have at 

Pre-register your teen/s using the form below:

The purpose of this process is only to headcount and organize groups according to preferences.
You will be contacted with starting dates and options available. 


We’re excited to offer two options for our program fees:

  1. When Parents Get Involved*
    Starting at $110 USD per teen. $80 USD for each additional sibling. 
    *Requirement: A 45-minute Zoom meeting before your child’s program participation.
    Your dedication to family engagement is at the heart of our approach.

  2. When Parents Don’t Get Involved
    Starting at $200 USD per teen. $180 USD for each additional sibling.

Feel free to pre-register below to join our waitlist.

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