Emotional Bootcamp 12

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Intensive 1:1 Training:
Unlock Your Healing Journey
Duration: 3 to 6 months*
Includes 12 | 50-minute sessions.

Experience our transformative journey of self-discovery with our intensive 1:1 training.
Together, we will focus each session on your healing process, providing a safe space for exploration and growth.

Our expert guidance will help map out your emotional blueprint, unveiling the underlying programming behind your invisible wounds and emotional scars. Through a process of decoding, processing, and recoding, you’ll release past limitations and embrace a new, empowered narrative.

For optimal results, we recommend weekly sessions, although the session frequency can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Begin your healing journey today and uncover the resilience within you.

*Note: Duration may vary based on individual progress and agreement.


Emotional Bootcamp 12


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