MAP Structure of Longevity

MAP Structure of Longevity

Wellbeing – The miracles of being well
The natural process of death is an instinctive function of minerals, plants, and animals to make space. 
As conscious human beings, we have an underdeveloped capacity to reverse entropy, and we do so through diet and exercise

 There is everything out there, if you read all and want to find a solution to your diet regime out there, you will only find confusion. What I mean is that if you google, read, and research you will find positive and negative comments on all diet regimes. 
Find what is best for you. 

Regardless of what diet works:

  • Fresh and local – not exclusive but a priority as best you can
  • Hydration – find a balance. Healthy liquids but also make sure that there is morning, mid-day and evening.
  • Several smaller meals – spread the food as best you can. 5 or 6 meals a day

How to find what works for you?
Each layer of the map, activates the next one, as long as you pay attention to what resonates, you will create a synergy that works for you.

Regardless of our age, we need to exercise.
Minimum 2 times per week, preferably 3. 4 if your lifestyle allows it
Find whatever may be fit for you.

  • Stimulate blood flow beyond the normal rate
  • Stretch – flexibility
    • To release lactic acid
    • To stimulate blood flow
    • Stimulate the lymphatic system that works on the contraction of muscles. (don’t bounce, release)
  • Balance – stand on one foot

Beyond these, whatever works for you.
Put together the information to create a regime that works for you as a mechanism.

We have 4 bodies

Physical – the form

Mental – the thoughts

Emotional – the feelings

Spiritual – the relationship with the divine


As we diet and exercise our physical body to be well and  reverse entropy, our mental, emotional, and etheric/spiritual bodies, also need exercise and diet:

Think the thoughts you are thinking and let go and release the ones that are constricting. Allow the silence to think new thoughts, something you have never thought before.
Give yourself mental PAUSE – go into the silence and stillness and just feel whatever is there.

Exercise your feelings – make an inventory and lift it to a state of wellbeing
Move up your emotions on the scale
example: fear – anger – guilt –
Give yourself emotional PAUSE – go into the silence and stillness and just feel whatever is there.
Detach from the constricting emotions by feeling them.

Hang out with unseen friends – get together with your soul and higher self.
Identify your magical team – your members of your supreme council.
Don’t think or feel, just BE
You can’t do BEING, just BE IT

Use the energy of dominion of the elements 

Longevity is expanding your being
It is not just measured by length alone, aging gracefully is only one aspect of a very intricate process.

4 energies critical to being well, living long, and creating the synergy for longevity. 

  1. Being loved – Know that you are loved.
    Clearly make the distinction between thinking, being aware, and knowing. 
    Awareness is having the information, sometimes we forget it or pretend and act as if we were not loved.
    Live it – our system as a whole rests upon being loved, if not, it becomes a hollow system of demands, expectations, and hard work.

  2. Honor – To honor oneself means to acknowledge (own) and respect (look back and see)
    Honoring life and ourselves, allow change.
    Honorable – people worthy of honor have presence and voice. There are components to being worthy of honor.

    1. They express love, being loved, and being loving
    2. They have gratitude – they live it, they have a voice of gratitude
    3. They have hope – they inspire
    4. They are an inspiration, not every moment but they are truly an inspiration.
    5. They are magnanimous – graciously generous. It comes naturally to them
    6. They have nobility of soul.
    7. They experience the presence of being alive.
  3. Become an artisan at living life.
    Make mistakes, be clumsy, practice getting through the years, and memorize things.
    Develop the craft and mastery to become an artist.
    Develop your art –

    All artists and athletes have these things in common:
    Discipline and Conviction
    A discipline of conviction and a conviction to their discipline.
    Concentration and focus with intensity – in the moment, in their element.
    Concentrated intensity and an intensity of concentration
    Patience and humbleness – they look more deeply and listen more closely
    Humility means not to assume but the willingness to see each situation as new and fresh,  to look at everything as if it was the first time. 
    They are patient with their humility and humble with their patience
    Let go of expectation – time & space, past, and future.

  4. Celebration of oneness
    Surrender to the moment

    There are two forces behind the creation of reality – 
    acceptance and resistance 
    Open yourself to Surrender to whatever the moment is offering.
    Allow yourself to have a sense of direction.
    Surrender to the sense of separateness to be one
    Know your boundaries and limits.
    Know that this separation is an illusion
    Time can also be an ally, even a friend, just don’t give your power.

At Be2Be-Coaching, we invite you to look at life this way and allow your wisdom to blossom

Practice the art of living your life
* Practice patience with humility
* Concentration with intensity
* Discipline with conviction
* Honor your life
All these are the glue and the fuel of wellbeing.
Allow yourself to explore
What does it mean to you to love life?
What does it mean to you to be an artisan?
What does it mean to you to be loved?

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