Awareness of being aware – A new habit: BE PRESENT

Important things to know:

√ Why is this habit of being present so important?
Until we don’t know who we are, we get our sense of self and identity from the word around us.

Breakthrough: Where you vibrate you create reality… we can be creating reality in a low vibration. There you can create the reality you are most afraid of.

What does it mean to be present?

It means just that, BE PRESENT.

Why is it so hard?

The answer to this question is: IT IS NOT.
The only reason it seems hard, is because we do not have the habit of being present. A good analogy: It is as if you think of speaking a new language, one which you do not know anything about, you will also think it is hard.

How to be present?

The easiest way is through activating each one of your five senses of the physical aspect of you:

  1. Be aware of your sense of sight – what are you observing?
  2. Be aware of your sense of smell and just the fact that you are breathing.
  3. Be aware of your sense of touch by sensing what you are holding on your hands or the sensation of your feet on the ground or just be aware of you sitting on a chair.
  4. Be aware of your sense of taste, maybe you just had a bite of something or a sip of your coffee or beverage.
  5. Be aware of your sense of hearing, pay attention to the sounds or noises around you.

If you can do this at the same time, and you are aware of this… you are in the present moment, you can also become aware that you are experiencing this by choice. Breakthrough – Not because you don’t know something, it means it is hard, it just means you did not know.

From this space, you can also be aware of the other three aspects of you: Mental – thoughts; emotional – feelings, and Spiritual – your connection with your higher self (whatever that means to you), from where you have a choice to be aware that you are aware…YOU ARE THE EXPERIENCER. From this state, there is a choice, however vague, to disconnect and BE PRESENT.

Breakthrough – The more you practice, the sooner it will become a habit.

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