Laser Coaching

"Until we figure out who we are, we will get our sense of self and identity from the world around us"

After one of my students and client mentioned: “I love your coaching sessions, they have transformed my life” and right after breathing, when I was about to tie it with a but…, to my surprise I heard the following question:  

“Is there a way to get your help if I get caught up in a habitual blockage?”   

I decided to develop a way to accompany our already compromised clients through their emotional self-sufficiency path, and guide them along their process.

Laser Coaching is available for students and clients that have already gone through any of the following:

  • Individual Coaching Package
  • Be2Be basic training
  • Emotional Fitness Circles
  • Emotional Bootcamp

1:1 20-minute laser coaching session – $75 USD

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