Individual Sessions

In contact with you inner voice

In this individual Intensive Session
In this 1:1 90-minute session you will learn to distinguish your inner voice from your mind chatter.
Mind chatter –  The unhealthy monologue that happens in your head 
Inner Voice – your intuition, the one that speaks from your inner knowing.


You will learn how to cultivate your presence though techniques and strategies that will allow you to establish a healthy dialogue with yourself.


90-minute In contact with your inner voice – $270 USD

Timeline session

In this 1:1 90-minute session, we will go through a timeline where we will DECODE: your inner programming, PROCESS – your emotional pain, RECODE your inner programming so you can  RECONNECT with those parts of you that are living under the illusion of being separate from source.

This timeline sessions have a prerequisite:
– Emotional Bootcamp Graduate
– Have gone through any of our Master Classes


90-minute Timeline session – $270 USD

Laser coaching session

Laser coaching is designed for existing clients. It gives one on one objective attention to a specific behavior to be strengthened or developed. These sessions are targeted to work on building and practicing skills after your coaching program. If you are an existing client you can request a laser coaching session at any given time after your program.

– Emotional Bootcamp Graduate
– Have gone through any of our Master Classes
– Have gone through any of our timeline session


30-minute Laser coaching session for existing clients – $90 USD

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