How Everything Started

The Origins of the story of us

The Origins of the Story of US

There are various theories regarding the origins of our existence, and our power of choice allows us to embrace our own perspectives. By simply observing, one can notice that throughout human history, everything has evolved. We have always been witnesses and pioneers of new paradigms, whether consciously or unconsciously, as we continually shift our ways of perceiving reality at all levels of existence.

To provide you with an idea, here are a few examples: civilizations, countries, cultures, religions, societal rules, and even our personal lives, encompassing ideas, beliefs, expectations, assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that shape our perspective. I cannot think of a better example than my own experience, which is described on this website.

Let’s begin…

I’ll attempt to simplify this as much as possible. For some, everything started with The Big-Bang Theory, and if you’re interested, there are numerous websites where you can delve deeper into this topic.

As a student of pioneering evolution theories, exploring the new science of quantum physics and the unified field, and studying Human Software Engineering, I discovered that these theories are finally aligning with what religious and spiritual teachers have known for thousands of years – that we are much more than blood, flesh, and bone.

Before we proceed further, here’s a quick disclaimer: This is not intended to be a physics or chemistry paper. Instead, it represents the understanding I, a non-physicist like myself, have gained beyond my initial beliefs and the physics I learned in school. Initially, I perceived particles such as electrons, protons, and neutrons, which moved according to Newton’s laws of motion, as separate from waves like radio waves and infrared waves, which had distinct dynamics.

With that said, let’s revisit some basic and complex definitions of what we find in our universe.

Quantum Physics is a scientific branch that focuses on quantum mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics comprises the principles used to explain the behavior of matter and energy.

According to the Quantum Theory, instead of two fundamental entities – particles and waves – there is only one: waves.

Whether we define matter as anything with mass and occupying space, mass as substance, energy as the existing state of substance, or light as a form of energy, all of the above can be measured as waves.

For instance, electromagnetic waves with varying wavelengths serve as examples of different wave forms.

Transitioning from waves to consciousness in one slide…

This is US

All of this to prime our minds and openness to perceive that the “I” that I am, is a pulsing body of energy with 4 basic levels of existence: 


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