Healing Invisible Wounds

If you are reading this, thank you!

There are numerous types of coaching out there and you are giving Be2Be-Coaching a chance. 

The purpose of Be2Be-Coaching is to accompany you to achieve your Emotional Self-Sufficiency for you to perform in life developing and activating your already built-in capacity to handle, manage, and resolve your emotional baggage. 


My gift to you – a 30 minute complimentary call 

It will help you:

  • Decide if coaching is what you are looking for
  • Experience Be2Be-Coaching principles and take the first step towards leading the life you want
    And finally…
  • it will allow us both to discover if we are the right match to work well together.

Healing Invisible Wounds -

It is an intensive 1:1 training program that will allow you to heal your invisible wounds and emotional scars. I will accompany you through the path to your Emotional Self-Sufficiency. This program is personally designed according to an application form. 


Healing Invisible Wounds Program – $1,250 USD
This program is delivered over the phone, you can request your sessions to be via zoom.
We can accommodate sessions in person if you live in San Diego, CA., you can mention this in your application.

Emotional Bootcamp Program
5 / 50-minute individual sessions
Personalized printable workbook 

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