Do we heal, reconnect, or both?

My heartfelt gratitude to those who chose to attend any or all of the classes I taught as part of the Inner Fitness Program at Rancho la Puerta for the past two weeks.

The name of this series was ‘Re-connect with your Human Being.’ We had a great discussion with Alex Von Bidder on whether we heal, re-connect, or both, and which one comes first?

Why Re-connect?

We have always been connected, always whole. The loss of wholeness is an illusion that came for almost everyone on the exact day we were born.

The Illusion of Separateness

It is a sense of separateness that happened when we were detached from our source, at birth. Our umbilical cord was cut, and we were soon left alone – for the first time in 9 months (in optimal pregnancies) we lived in a “five-star womb service” with no needs unmet, everything was satisfied instantaneously: temperature, nutrition, space – even though we didn’t have much, it was all we had and we didn’t need more.

Take a moment to imagine the sensations your inner baby boy/baby girl felt back then. We didn’t have the consciousness to describe what was going on; we continued to learn more about the world around us through our senses and made a lot of feeling-level decisions from what I call ‘our very first abandonment wound.’

We can learn how to self-heal our emotional wounds and also learn ways to reconnect the parts of ourselves that have been caught up in the expectation that someone from the outside world will finally come one day to make us feel whole and complete.

The purpose of these classes was to establish that our disconnection from wholeness is what keeps us caught up in the illusion of separateness, looping around a constant deep cleaning/repairing/fixing mode, and/or the habit of looking for ourselves where we are not, protecting our identities from being hurt – again, and/or trying to force outcomes through control and pretending.

Miracles happen when we re-member our wholeness; it allows us to reconnect with the parts of us that have been perceived as disconnected from our source, heal our invisible wounds, and connect with others in a way we have never imagined. We then find oneness, and the affirmation ‘We are all connected’ finally starts to make sense.



To reconnect, we need to establish that, as creatures of habit, we have developed self-defense mechanisms to protect us from emotional overwhelming. Some of those self-defense mechanisms are what gave birth to perfectionists, control freaks, people-pleasers, overachievers, pushovers, people afraid of missing out, among others. We will cover those more in-depth in another newsletter.

The purpose of Be2Be-Coaching is to accompany you on your healing journey through self-discovery. Some say it is a painful journey. I am not so sure about that; if you acquire the necessary tools to update and develop your innate capacity to feel and resolve your unresolved emotional pain from the past, it could be the greatest gift you could give to yourself.

Practice Presence: A Be2Be-Coaching Spiral Model Technique

For this issue, I’d like to invite you to practice one of the Be2Be-Coaching Spiral Model techniques – PRESENCE. The purpose of this technique is to unplug our energy from where it is and bring it back to our present moment. It is a very simple technique that involves each one of our physical senses, those we learned in kindergarten.

With your eyes open, observe whatever is around you without the need for labeling things. Just become aware of what is there. Now, pay attention to the noises in the environment, the smell and taste, and the sensation of your body sitting on a chair or your feet grounded on the floor.

With the awareness of your five senses activated at the same time just notice what is it like to be in the present moment and try to worry about something. If you allow yourself to notice, you will find out that it is not possible to worry and be present at the same time. Maybe thoughts will start to come to you; simply favor your presence and become aware that you get to choose where you direct your attention.

Until our next blog, practice this technique as many times as you consider possible. Send any questions or comments to For information on how to bring any of our programs to your workplace, visit our website: Be2Be-Coaching Workplace Programs


Adriana Reid ~ Founder and CEO of Be2Be-Coaching, passionate about human development and emotional self-sufficiency.

International speaker and author of “Decoding Corporate Wellness” and “I’ll Take Care of Me” available on Amazonor you can purchase it on PDF format here


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