Relationship Sage Sessions 

Decoding Freedom Sessions

Decoding Freedom – and your ability to relate to yourself and others.


About Decoding Freedom

We as adventurers have a strong desire to participate in healthy relationships. We are wired for love.

Healthy Relationships are easy, the hardest part is to always want something different based on our misconceptions around the meaning of the word love.

Decoding Freedom sessions will help you find and decode your unconscious limiting beliefs, contracts, and agreements around relationships; process the habits that surround your ability to relate and reprogram and redefine new meanings and intentions.


Adriana's Philosophy of Care

Adriana will guide you in your quest to find the coding and blockages that are holding you back to show up in your relationships as a healthy adventurer. Through processing your unresolved emotional patterns, and reprogramming and recoding your reality, you will reconnect with your wholeness and raise your L.O.V.E. (Level of Vibrational Energy) 

She understands freedom as a healing journey through self-discovery. Knowing who you are will enable you to achieve emotional self-sufficiency to show up as you.  

If you work with her

You will discuss your blockages and heartfelt desires. Through her guidance and ability to decode, recode, process, and reprogram your agreements and conclusions, you will understand the principles of how your conditioned responses and limiting beliefs have shaped you -and also helped you and protected you along the way. You will understand how your limiting beliefs, agreements, and conclusions are unconsciously blocking your adventure to achieve your dreams and heartfelt desires.

As an adventurer, you will gain clarity to finally see that the real quest is within, when you decode the tug-war that exists between acceptance and resistance you will conquer the freedom of choice.


 $360 per 50-minute session

Three 50-minute prepaid sessions $880 

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