The Blueprint of Reality

A healing journey through self-discovery.

The Blueprint of Reality

In this section, I would like to invite your to observe your reality from a different angle. “Life is as it is not as we are.” for some this has been a life lesson, others struggle trying to force an outcome and still expect things to be their way. 

Lets play with some concepts and definitions:


re·al·i·ty: The state of things as they actually exist.


il·lu·sion: a process involving ones perceptions and interpretations of reality.


ac·cept·ance: is a conscious choice to drop all forms of resistance to whatever has come present in the moment and making the most of it. It isn’t about liking or approving of something. It is about surrendering to what is and letting life flow and unfold without getting in the way.


re·sist·ance: refusal to accept something new or different. A self defense mechanism where someone rejects and|or denies or opposes to bring repressed thoughts or feelings into consciousness. The attempt to prevent something by action or argument, usually trying to force outcomes.

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