Be2Be Inner Fitness Circles

Join Be2Be Inner Fitness Circles (IFC) - Your Path to Inner Growth

Our Inner Fitness Circles offer transformative gatherings tailored to your personal interests, available both online and in person. Over a period of 8 weeks, participants engage in strengthening their emotional self-awareness, guided by Be2Be-Coaching Principles: decode, process, re-program, and reconnect.

Ideal for those who have completed any of our programs or individual sessions and are interested in a supportive environment for further growth toward emotional self-sufficiency.

As showcased in the “Reconnect with your human being” program, presented at Rancho La Puerta ~an award-winning wellness resort and SPA.

Participation in Be2Be Inner Fitness Circles is strictly by invitation, and upon receiving your request, we will carefully review your application to ensure the best fit for your interests and goals.



Be2Be Inner Fitness Circles – $90 USD per session | $650 paid in full 
8 / 1-hr sessions once a week, 4 weeks a month 

All Inner Fitness Circles are delivered via Zoom

Prefer in-person sessions?
If you wish to host an IFC, send us an email to 
subject: host/IFC
Available in San Diego, CA only
For Workplace Quotes, email – 


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