Be2Be-Coaching Principles

A healing journey through self-discovery.

Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. Principles

I am deeply grateful to all my masters and teachers who have accompanied me on my personal healing journey. With extensive experience working with veterans of war, victims of crime and domestic violence, as well as children and adolescents facing emotional and behavioral challenges, I have guided numerous individuals in overcoming symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and facilitating their social rehabilitation, self-sufficiency, and overall wellbeing.

My dedication to emotional education and Human Software Engineering, among other certifications, has allowed me to understand that our human conditioning forms the foundation of our skills and abilities to navigate conflicts and excel in life.

I invite you to explore the foundational blogs on my website, which provide a deeper understanding of my work.

DECODE – Unraveling Pre-Verbal Conditioning

During our early years, we formed perceptions and made decisions about the world through our senses and emotions. Some of our limiting beliefs originate from this stage, making it challenging to address them through conventional discussions of memories and personal history. These deep-seated memories are stored within our human software.

PROCESS – Addressing Feeling-Based Decisions and Limiting Beliefs

Once we identify these beliefs, we must process them using the techniques you will learn. Our beliefs shape our identity, and our subconscious mind diligently protects and maintains this identity by seeking consistency.

REPROGRAM / RECODE – Embracing New Realities

To manifest what we truly desire, we must change our resonance and alignment. If we remain stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage, even while yearning for change, we perpetuate a state of wanting and lack (Wanting = lack). Instead, we need to step into the possibility of allowing extraordinary things to happen, thereby shifting our resonance.

RECONNECT – Embrace the Love Within You

Ultimately, the journey leads us to reconnect with the love that resides within ourselves—the inherent love that is already a part of our being.

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