Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. Principles

A healing journey through self-discovery.

Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. Principles

With my heart full of gratitude to all my masters and teachers who have accompanied me on my own healing journey; having served thousands of people through my experience working with veterans of war, victims of crime and domestic violence, guiding them to overcome symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as well as in the area of education involved with children and adolescents helping them resolve and address emotional and behavioral challenges, prevention and rehabilitation of addictions, makes me sensitive to the processes of self-sufficiency, adaptation, social rehabilitation, and wellbeing.  

I have been interested and dedicated for years in the field of emotional education through the exploration of Human Software Engineering among other certifications. I have come to the understanding that what is at the basis of our human conditioning, is what determines the skills and abilities that we have to resolve conflicts and excel in life. 

I invite you to explore the foundational blogs to give you a deeper understanding of my work.

DECODE – Pre-verbal conditioning

When we were very little we made decisions about the world around us through our senses and feelings. Some of our limiting beliefs have their origin at this level. This is why talking about our memories and personal history sometimes doesn’t work. These memories are stored deep inside our human software.

PROCESS – Feeling level decisions / limiting beliefs

Once we find those beliefs, we need to process them with the techniques you will learn. Our beliefs created an identity. Our identity is very well taken care of by our subconscious mind -the one that looks for consistency.  

REPROGRAM / RECODE – New realities

We need to learn to change our resonance with what we want to manifest, if we stay in the continuum loop of self-sabotage, we could clearly see that something needs to change, but if we still resonate with wanting things to change,  instead of stepping into the possibility of allowing extraordinary things to happen to us, we will perpetuate the wanting state, and wanting = lack.

RECONNECT  – With the love that you already are