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Rancho La Puerta

Presenter at Rancho La Puerta – Inner Fitness Program – “It’s all about L.O.V.E., Connection, and Letting Go”
Adriana has been a featured presenter at Rancho La Puerta’s Inner Fitness Program. Since January 2022, she has had the privilege of sharing her knowledge and insights on Emotional Health Awareness with a wider audience. Her sessions, titled “In Contact With Your Inner Voice,” have been highly acclaimed, providing attendees with transformative experiences and empowering them to cultivate emotional well-being in their personal and professional lives. Adriana’s contributions to the Inner Fitness Program have made a significant impact, inspiring individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth.

Rancho La Puerta

Staff Trainer at Rancho La Puerta – 
“Reconnect with your human being”
“Inner Voice vs. Mind Chatter | English and Spanish
Starting January 2022, Adriana has been a valued staff trainer at Rancho La Puerta, contributing to their comprehensive wellness training program. As part of her role, she has had the opportunity to empower and educate staff members on Emotional Health Awareness. Through engaging workshops and interactive sessions titled “In Contact With Your Inner Voice,” have provided valuable insights and practical techniques for cultivating emotional well-being. Adriana has equipped the Ranch’s team with practical tools and strategies to enhance their emotional well-being. Her expertise in guiding individuals to connect with their inner voice has been instrumental in creating a supportive and harmonious work environment.


On Grit and Longevity
The Art of Letting Go

Staying Centered in The Midst of Chaos
what if we could use these moments of chaos as opportunities for growth, learning, and transformation?

The MAP Structure of Longevity
Dive Deep into de interconnectedness of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beingness.

Podcasts & Interviews in English

Gateways to Awakening is a gateway for your own spiritual journey.
Today, people are suffering from stress and anxiety like no other time in history.

This episode is about inner voice v mind-chatter with Adriana Reid. 

Her mission is to walk people through the wonder of new possibilities, by helping them discover and solve their inner fears by becoming responsible for their actions and deeds despite any circumstance -their background, nationality, and/ or invisible wounds.

The Dunn on Purpose Podcast exists to Encourage, Enrich, and Empower you to live your life On Purpose.

Our conversation covers a wide range of topics including the “Doing in-order-to-have” paradigm, her coaching methodology, Beingness, values, emotional self-sufficiency and much more. Adriana also answers The Village Question and brings her own “Com” word to the conversation, which is super powerful!

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