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Rancho La Puerta

Presenter at Rancho La Puerta – Inner Fitness Program – “It’s all about L.O.V.E., Connection, and Letting Go”
On the weeks of January 7th-14th, and 28th- Feb 4th, 2023, Adriana will be back at Rancho la Puerta as part of the Inner Fitness Program. 


Presenter at their Impact Conference 2023: It starts with Us 
On January 27th, 2023 Adriana will present two workshops at Maac’s Anual Conference. 
Inner Voice vs. Mind Chatter | English and Spanish
This 75-minute workshops will allow participants to learn the distinction between their intuition | inner knowing, and their mental interference, which usually presents itself as an unhealthy monologue that happens in our heads.

Bexion Pharmaceuticals

Presenter at Bexion Pharmaceuticals Offsite Meeting
As a team building consultant, Adriana was invited by Bexion Pharmaceuticals to present at their 2022 Offsite meeting – Communication Styles and Mapping of their Mission, and Vision statements in alignment with their staff’s personal development.

Bexion Pharmaceuticals is committed to the discovery and clinical development of life-changing oncology treatments, 
providing patients with effective and non-toxic therapies. 

Rancho La Puerta

Presenter at Rancho La Puerta – Inner Fitness Program – “Reconnect with your human being”
Starting January 2022, Adriana has been a presenter at Rancho la Puerta as part of the Inner Fitness Program. As part of the wellness training that the Ranch provides to staff and employees, Adriana was invited to train a large group of staff members on Emotional Health Awareness. “In Contact With your Inner Voice”

Revista Mujer y Salud Actual

Speaker at Mujer Actual Magazine 15th anniversary – 9th Forum
Since August 2021, Adriana was invited by the owner of Mujer Actual Magazine, to write about emotional health. This year, Mujer Actual celebrates its 15th year anniversary with the 9th forum Strength that Unites – Fortaleza que une. Adriana has been invited as a speaker to present En Contacto con tu Voz Interior – a guide to your emotional health. 

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La Vista Memorial Park

Presenter at La Vista Memorial Park – “Emotional Health Awareness”
When COVID-19 hit, Adriana was invited by the owners of La Vista Memorial Park to present before a group of collaborators and staff, one of Be2Be-Coaching signature masterclasses: Emotional Health Awareness, oriented to help them deal with grief and grieving clients., 

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Diego Union-Tribune Español
In this section you will find written articles 

Revista Mujer Actual
Monthly articles for the emotional health section 

Interview with San Diego Red | Jag Duran, presenting Be2Be-Coaching Signature Programs
On January 12th, 2022, Jag Duran from San Diego Red interviewed Adriana about the importance of emotional health and she presented Be2Be-Coaching projects and programs. We are not broken, we are woundedYou can read the interview here, you can watch the video interview here

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Gateways to Awakening

Be2Be-Coaching with Aaron Dunn

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Entrevistas con Mery Lopez-Gallo – De Viva Voz



Entrevista con Bibi Uribe – Más que Palabras

Televisa Tijuana

Entrevista con el Consejero Rafael Laveaga – Jefe de la Sección Consular 

Embajada de México en Washington, DC.

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