About our founder and CEO

“In a world of doers, BE!”


— Adriana Reid — Founder & CEO.

Her area of expertise focuses on public and human relations. Due to her integrative career path, she has acquired a great social sensitivity and spirit of service, allowing her to expand her capacity for action, synthesis, and analysis in political, economic, and social integration processes coming to one conclusion: There is a GAP between our personal development (who we are being) and our roles/functions as humans (what do we do & what we have).

Her background and Master’s degree in Education specializing in counseling has given her the experience to work with families, children, and adults, by helping them overcome crisis and difficult situations.  Her advice is always directed toward finding an effective resolution to problems and/or challenges and turning them into opportunities, regardless of the circumstance. Her mission is to walk people through the wonder of new possibilities, by helping them discover and solve their inner fears by becoming responsible for their actions and deeds despite any circumstance -their background, nationality, and/ or invisible wounds.

Her experience working with unaccompanied immigrant children, veterans of war, and victims of crime and domestic violence, through guiding them to overcome symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as well as in the area of education for children and adolescents of school age in emotional health issues, behavior, prevention, and rehabilitation of addictions make her sensitive to the processes of adaptation and social rehabilitation and acculturation processes.

She has been interested and dedicated for years in the field of emotional education through the exploration of different fields and certifications that have influenced the Be2Be-Coaching Model, such as Resonance Repatterning, Family Constellations, Human Software Engineering, EFT, NLP, among other certifications. This has made her understand that our belief system and our emotional wounding is at the basis of our human conditioning and it is also what determines the skills and abilities that we have to resolve conflicts and excel in life.

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Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. Principles

DECODE – Pre-verbal conditioning

PROCESS – Feeling level decisions / limiting beliefs

REPROGRAM / RECODE – New realities

RECONNECT – Resolve the illusion of separateness 

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