About Be2Be-Coaching

A healing journey through self-discovery.

Our Mission, vision, and values


To bridge the gap between your employees’ personal development and their roles within the organization.



To make a difference in the world by training people on how to pursue their Emotional Self-Sufficiency, accompany them on their healing journey through self-discovery, and guide them through the wonder of new possibilities.



Our clients entrust us with their human capital, their families, and themselves. We assist more and more businesses around the world in prioritizing their employees, which reduces stress and turnover while also improving wellbeing and productivity through mindfulness, focus, and awareness of impact.

Our Coaching Model

Our Coaching Model is based on a healing journey toward your emotional self-sufficiency through self-discovery. 

Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. Principles

DECODE – Pre-verbal conditioning

PROCESS – Feeling level decisions / limiting beliefs

REPROGRAM / RECODE – New realities

RECONNECT – Resolve the Illusion of Separateness

Is this type of coaching for me?

For group programs – email adriana@be2be-coaching.com 

For workplace programs – email adriana@be2be-coaching.com  


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