A Healing Journey Through Self-Discovery

Emotional Self-Sufficiency Training
Individual & corporate coaching applied to personal life & workplace.

Develop Your -already built-in Capacity to Handle Emotions

My mission is to walk you through the wonder of new possibilities under ONE truth:
WE ARE NOT BROKEN –  Nothing needs to be fixed, 
WE ARE WOUNDED – and we can learn to heal our invisible wounds.

— Adriana Reid — Founder & CEO.

Be2Be-Coaching building blocks

 As human beings, we learned at a very early age to unconsciously focus more on doing to have than cultivating our state of being. We dedicate very little space to just BE ourselves. The reason is simple: We identify and define ourselves through our perception of the world around us.  In other words, until we figure it out, we will get our sense of self from the perspective and meaning we give to circumstances. 

You will find that some of the information shared on these pages may sound familiar to you. What is new is that it will be presented in alignment with your self-discovery in a way that will finally make sense. 

This work is based on the paradigm shift along my healing journey, where more than 25 years ago, I opened the door to the science of quantum physics and the unified field, when I started questioning who I was, knowing that I was a lot more than a chemical reaction between an egg and a sperm, and a lot more than a definition through the eyes of others. A lot more than the roles I played as a daughter, sister, friend, gymnast, student, bachelor, teacher mother, master, wife; there was a lot more than the rules, the conditioning, the payoffs, the reactions, and the self-defense mechanisms to protect myself from the definitions of others of how the world must or should look like to me. 

I became a seeker to the extent that I made books and knowledge my addiction as a counter-reaction to the inner guilt that I felt by breaking the rules in my family’s invisible regulations and legacy. Somehow as if I needed to pay the price for thinking differently. 

Today I honor not just my family legacy but the legacy of teachers and teachings from where I extracted the words that you will read, the ideas you will explore, and the techniques you will experience in your journey through this work. 

After 25 years of research and learning, a master’s degree in Education specialized in Family Counseling, becoming absorbed with emerging practices that combine theories on human development, spirituality, and simple and deep meditation techniques that solve everyday situations, and 10 years of public service, I decided to change course and get started. 

Be2Be-Coaching, Inc., has been influenced by my teachers and teachings of Family Constellations, Holographic Repatterning, which later became Resonance Repatterning, Human Design, and Human Software Engineering. Be2Be-Coaching, Inc., translates and combines human development theories as well as the way our human software works to find solutions that are easy to assimilate and learn.

 Why Be2Be? We are human beings who, by default, live in a doing-in-order-to-have paradigm. Be2Be-Coaching, offers a perspective to return to the origin, to the basics, to the CORE of our being, and from there, Be who we are and who we want to Be.

We live our lives to the best of our ability, dealing with conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs without even realizing it. We develop self-defense mechanisms as a reaction to the fear of being hurt by rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, and lack of justice. We live constantly protecting ourselves from being vulnerable, from being hurt again, without space to live from our BEING and true potential

If we could find and decode what is holding us back, we can resolve the pain, observe our thoughts, and reprogram our human software to live life from our best self, from our Being and have access to our most cherished desires and dreams

Be2Be-Coaching, Inc. Principles



Pre-verbal conditioning


Feeling level decisions/limiting beliefs


New realities


Resolve the illusion of separateness 


Is this type of coaching for me?

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